About Us

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St Joseph the WorHolding Mars Barsker sits at the centre of our local community of Northolt, West End. We are close to a busy road intersection, and it would be easy to take a first glance and make a judgement. The church is a modern grey construction, designed by the original architect to look like a factory. It is not the prettiest building to look at from the outside, but inside is spacious, flexible and light.
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Over the years the church has been on at least three different sites in the locality, being part of the fabric  of the community since the outer estates that make up the area were first built, starting in the late 1940s. It moved to its present site in 1967, and aims to be a church that is welcoming to all. The current building was designed by Murray and Maguire, and comprises a light, airy, flexible worship space, a small Lady Chapel and the Dovetail Centre which is the base for our community work.
Prayer Ministry
 Music Gp Cam, Marion, L-K, Abi We are modern Catholic in our worship and spirituality, so most Sundays will find us using incense, with our worship of God centred on the Mass. At the same time, we have been influenced by the Charismatic movement, so we have modern worship music and charismatic expressions with a sacramental and liturgical focus. Each week, as we meet with Christ in the pages of the Bible, and experience his presence in the Eucharist, so Massthere is also opportuniFr Stevety to see his transforming presence in our lives through prayer. 

We are a multi-cultural church family of all ages, mainly drawn from the local community, although some come from further afield. There is a significant number of Caribbean and African-origin members of the congregation, and we value the diversity this brings as a gift from God.
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