PCC Members as of May 2017

(Pictures gradually being added!  Some PCC members are shy, and it takes patient work with the camera.)


                                                 Church Wardens - Gary Hannington Patricia Nelson

Kate Brace   Kate Brace                                                                            Gary Hannington         Pat n Mugshot

Sue ChurchSue Church - Social Team Leader     Muke Ferguson - Mission Team LeaderMuke Ferguson

AudreyAudrey Fleischer-Djoleto - Treasurer                            

                         Chris Glazebrook Chris G Mugshot

                   (Commision Lay Minister, Standing Committee Member, Safeguarding Officer - Adults)                     

Ray Johnson                                                               Maureen

Ray Johnson (Verger & Standing Committee)         Maureen McCann  (Safeguarding Officer - children)

Ron McCannRon McCann - Deanery Synod Rep                             Fr Nnamdi Maduka (ex-officio)Fr Nnamdi and mug

Emma O   Emma Osejindo - PCC Secretary                          

Sandy Reed Mug Sandy Reed - Licensed Lay Minister,  Outreach Team Leader 

Randolph Reid MugshotRandolph Reid - Deanery Synod Rep                          Trevor Rowe                                                                                                                 Trevor Rowe  (Drummer extraordinaire...)

Rohanie Sewkumar  Rohannie Sewkumar                     Rose ThouRose Thuo  (Commissioned Lay Minister)

Sarah TruemanSarah Trueman  (Children's Champion)