• Parish Mass - on Sunday

Every Sunday at 10.00 am.  A lively celebration of Holy Communion with music led by a band of musicians and singers.
For the adults there is a sermon which seeks to relate Christian faith to our daily lives, while children and young people (up to 15 years) have their own 'Lighthouse' groups, returning for Communion.

  • Prayer ministry is always available during this service.
  • Refreshments are served afterwards.
(On the first Sunday of each month we have a more relaxed Freedom Mass.)

  • Ignite - every 2 months, at 7.30 on Sunday Evening

Charismatic, catholic, contemporary Mass - worship, praise, drama, singing...
The Lord is here!
                                                    Fr Steve elevating

  • 4.00pm on the First Sunday, and

  • 3.00pm on the Third Sunday of the Month.

Does what it says!  Not prior knowledge necessary - lets read and learn together...  Refreshments and biscuits too!

  • Afternoon Praise, looking at the Psalms...

4.00pm  Third Sunday of the month.

A time of singing and worship, usually with tea and cake!  Songs and Hymns old and new....

  • Tuesday Morning Mass

Every Tuesday at 10:00 am.  A quiet celebration of Holy Communion in the Lady Chapel, followed by coffee and tea...

  • Tuesday Morning Bible Study Group

Our very friendly group meets after the 10 a.m. Mass when we have tea, coffee and biscuits and a time of fellowship then from around 11 a.m. (for about 1 hour) we have Bible Study.

  • Thursday Evening Mass

7.30pm - Celebration of the Mass.  More informal service - with different emphases each week to focus on healing, or intercession, or being filled with God's Holy Spirit.

Everyone is welcome.

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