Every Sunday at 10.00 am.  A lively celebration of Holy Communion with music led by a band of musicians and singers.
For the adults there is a sermon which seeks to relate Christian faith to our daily lives, while children and young people (up to 15 years) have their own 'Lighthouse' groups, returning for Communion.

(On the first Sunday of each month we have a more relaxed Freedom Mass.)

  • Ignite - every 2 months, at 7.30 on Sunday Evening

Charismatic, catholic, contemporary Mass - worship, praise, drama, singing...
The Lord is here!
                                                    Fr Steve elevating

Does what it says!  Not prior knowledge necessary - lets read and learn together...  Refreshments and biscuits too!

4.00pm  Third Sunday of the month.

A time of singing and worship, usually with tea and cake!  Songs and Hymns old and new....

Every Tuesday at 10:00 am.  A quiet celebration of Holy Communion in the Lady Chapel, followed by coffee and tea...

Our very friendly group meets after the 10 a.m. Mass when we have tea, coffee and biscuits and a time of fellowship then from around 11 a.m. (for about 1 hour) we have Bible Study.

7.30pm - Celebration of the Mass.  More informal service - with different emphases each week to focus on healing, or intercession, or being filled with God's Holy Spirit.

Everyone is welcome.