Who's Who at St Joseph's...

    Parish Priest...

St Joseph's will be entering a time of interregnum as Fr Steve Benford will be ordained Bishop of Dunedin, New Zealand, on September 22nd 2017

Assistant Priest - Fr Nnamdi Maduka

Fr Nnamdi and mugFr Nnamdi  - Associate Priest (self-supporting) married to Chinwendu and they have three children.  Fr Nnamdi - originally from Nigeria - is part of St Joseph's and also serves the Igbo Church in London.

Assistant Curate - Fr Stuart Melchor

Fr Stuart Mugshot

Fr Stuart was ordained Deacon in July 2017.  He is very keen to be seen in the parish, and to become known.  He comes with a freshness that recent ordination imparts, and several years experience from his "sending" church in young people's work and other areas of lay-leadership.

Licensed Lay-Minister - Sandy Reed

 Sandy Mugshot Sandy has been part of St Joseph's for many years, and a Licensed Lay-Minister since 2012.  A member of the Pastoral Team, Outreach Team, Lighthouse Team, Preaching Team - she and her bicycle are to be seen all over the Parish.



Gary hannington

Gary Hannington - part of St Joseph's from an early age, Gary has been involved in much of what goes on here.  Also a Driving Instructor and Travel Agent - it's certain he wants us to go far with God

Pat N mugshot

Patricia Nelson - involved at St Joseph's for several years, mother to Michael and Iona, part of Respond and the Music Group, and a regular at the Woman's Bible Study and Cupcakes and Chianti - is that tea in her mug????    

Julia Mugshot

Ordinand - Julia Jagannath 

Studying at St Mellitus College, and working for Westminster Council, Julia joined St Joseph's in September 2016...

Rose Thou

Commissioned Lay Minister - Rose Thuo 

Part of the Prayer Ministry Team - Rose is a Commissioned Preacher. 

Chris G Mugshot

 Commissioned Lay Minister - Chris Glazebrook 

Part of the Prayer Ministry and Pastoral Teams - Chris is a Commissioned Lay Minister in Pastoral Care and Preaching.

Ray Johnson

Verger - Ray Johnson  For all things to do with Vergering - then Ray (also a Prayer Minister) is who you need... 

Emma O

PCC Secretary - Emma Osejindu - Prayer Minister, Lighthouse Leader and Music Group Member - Emma is everywhere!

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